Cheers POP Online是香港日韓娛樂及潮流玩樂資訊網站,正式於2015年1月1日正式公開上線,提供本地最新以及日韓兩地有關娛樂新聞和潮流時尚速遞。

Cheers POP is a Hong Kong online media. We provide J/K-POP Entertainment News report, and also Trendy Supplement. It started at 1st January, 2015.

Cheers POP は香港人向けの日本、韓国エンタテインメントとトレンド情報ウェブサイト

Cheers POP홍콩 J/K-POP & 유행정보 온라인

About Us

Cheers POP Online founded in 2014 in Hong Kong. Our team had working on the Korean and Japanese magazine for many years. Successfully build up the network between Korea, Japan entertainment industry to the readers. 
Cheers POP have mounting number of readers from different regions not just in Hong Kong, we had a great potential for future corporate development.

Our Focus

Cheers POP Online, it is mainly separate into K-POP, J-POP, and SAY CHEERS three categories. K-POP and J-POP is focus about the hottest Korean and Japanese artists, each column include HOT ISSUE, SPOTTING(Artist’s Interview), MOVIE, MUSIC, TV, its all about the artist trendy items. SAY CHEERS it includes more interactive category, include GR「EAT」, KAWAII ZONE, LOOK FOR FUN, OPPA CHATROOM and TRAVEL BUDDIES, it gather all the entertainment and lifestyle about Japan and Korea in this category, also have interaction with the readers.